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Your one-stop service Supplier about Magnets/Magnetic products
Ningbo ND Magnetics Co.,Ltd ( ND MAGS) was founded to help overseas customers purchase magnets /magnetics products efficiently and cost-reasonably in Mainland China. We are committed to providing one-stop service about Magnets/Magnetic products to different customers. By now, we have been managing integrated supply chains of Magnets/Magnetic products from the basic magnets (NdFeb Magnets, SmCo Magnet, Ferrite Magnets, Flexible Magnet etc) to the final applications of magnetic products. We provide customers with end-to-end supply chain solutions from produce design, magnet selection, online production control plan, quality control, and professional transport packing to global logistics management and user experience.

Rich customer service experience

The service team in ND MAGS is leaded by Steve Chen, who has over 12-year experience since 2006 in serving overseas customers in magnet market. We insist on being friendship and partnership with our customers, offering long term stable services and committed to offering value-added services, including cost down plan, design optimize advices, magnet extension products etc. one-stop magnetics solutions.

By now, we have over 100 customers worldwide who has been worked with us over 7 years. Obviously, this data would keep rising year by year. And we sincerely thank these partners who trust us continuously.

Independent quality control rule

ND MAGS don’t produce magnets, we define us as a third-party quality inspect agency to make sure all the magnets shipping out are fully qualified.

Our quality assurance specialists go to factories regularly to push/verify the fulfill of all quality control plans, including IQC, IPQC, OQC, FQC …

We guarantee all the products shipping out are fully inspected, and all inspection reports are sent together with the cargos. Including magnetic performance report, dimension inspection report, surface treatment report… and other specific reports.

Professional packing of magnets, lots of the factories ignore the importance of the packing, it leads the packages are broken when customers receive the cargos. Normally we guild the factory and inspect the packings before dispatching.

Logistics :

By the effective and efficient management of domestic transportation and global logistics, we minimize the risk of cargo broken during transport and offer best lead time for our customers.
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