About Us

CHINA-BASE Ningbo Foreign Trade Co. Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CHINA-BASE Ningbo Group Ltd, with a registered capital of 100 million Yuan.

Our company is the combination of 30-year foreign trade experience, management mode and service concept with modern Internet from CHINA-BASE Ningbo Foreign Trade Co. Ltd, it is a tailor-made for the majority of small, medium and micro foreign enterprises to integrated public service platform which can offer Internet, foreign trade and finance in one of the mode with the perfect service. In addition, we have six service segments, including export basic services, logistics, finance, cross-border e-commerce, special line service and exhibition and other services.

With our company’s scientific management system and high-quality and efficient services, it stimulates more action and communication between different groups for more platform cooperation.

We have high-quality resources, professional team, the convenient cooperation and full management, and we are very pleased to offer you the best service.