400G RO Home Water Filter System
FOB Reference Price
$69.00 Min.Order:100(piece)
Color White
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Product Spec:

。Voltage (V): 220V
。Application: Household
。Power Source: Electric
。Applicable scope: family, office, public
。Ambient Humidity: ≤90%
。Inlet water pressure: 0.1-0.3Mpa
。Ambient Temperature: 4-38℃
。Applicable Water Quality:Municipal Tap Water
。2 stage Filter: PCU Compound+RO+UV Lamp
。Faucet:Goose-neck drinking water faucet
。Customer Design Available
。Accessory:PE pipe & Water inlet tee & faucet & Screws & Faucet hanger & Manual

Selling point:

。Two-stage filter design
First Stage-PCU composite filter element: Effectively filter sediment, rust, suspended matter, residual chlorine, odor, to ensure the taste of water. (PP cotton + carbon fiber + carbon rod + UF)
Second Stage-400G RO membrane: High precision filtration, remove more than 99.99% of the impurities, toxic, harmful substances.
。No tank & Integrated circuits design, no water storage pollution
。2:1 Low waste water design