Household Faucet Water Purifier
FOB Reference Price
Negotioted price Min.Order:500(piece)
Color White+Transparent
Material ABS
Filter Type Ceramic composite filter
Ningbo Qidian Health Technology Co., Ltd
Tel: 15857188147
Adress: Taoyuan New Village, Hengjie Town, Haishu District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province,China

Product Spec.
。Total net water:3000-5000L

。Ambient Temperature:4℃-40℃

。Inlet water pressure:≤0.3Mpa

。Working pressure:0.2-0.4Mpa

。Net water flow:1.0-2.0L/min

。Applicable Water Quality:Municipal Tap Water

。Filter:Ceramic composite filter


。Customer Design Available

Product Selling Points

。Delicate filtering:S-S filter screen + composite ceramic filter elements combo, remove impurities, colloidal organic matter, heterochrosis, odor, residual chlorine, heavy metal, bacteria, rust, etc.

。Composite ceramic filter element: Can be repeatedly brushed,no need for frequent replacement.

。Transparent cover design: Filtering effect is clearly visible

。Classic white appearance: Split structure, easy to install & move.

。High water output: Total rated net water up to 3000ml